Ross Thorn and Ray DeFade have only been together for thirty-five years and already the music critics are saying, “So What?”

Just last Christmas, their agent said “Stick with me guys, and in four months it’ll be Easter.” The Steel City Stompers offer one of the most spontaneous acts in show business and even “The Duo” themselves cannot predict how long their show will last—because when you don’t do anything, you never know when you’re finished.

Lately, The Steel City Stompers have traveled extensively, proving the theory that a moving target is harder to hit. Refusing to rest on their laurels, they continue to strive for perfection by constantly eliminating number after number, and now, incredible as it may seem, each program is better than the next.

At practically every appearance, “The Duo” receives dozens of requests but performs anyway. Ross and Ray combine their talents in a fun-filled, high-energy effort to preserve their reputations as “The Abominable Showmen”—proving, once and for all, that each of them is a legend in his own mind.
Let The Steel City Stompers guarantee the success of your next event!

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